About Me

My name is Emily, and I used to be what you would call an "extreme couponer." I did this for a few years throughout college, but as my stockpile (of things I didn't need) grew larger... I realized that I was spending loads of time and money on things I didn't need just to get them for cheap! Pennies here and pennies there on random items adds up to a lot! It was definitely an addiction, and now that I've reined it in I am able to save money on the things that I actually need!

This blog has followed me all the way through Texas from home in San Antonio, Texas, to college in Georgetown, Texas, all the way up to where I am now, living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I wanted to create this blog because when I started couponing I could only find national blogs to follow; there aren't many that are centralized in Texas. My hope is that I can give all the Texas couponers a place to look to find the best deals near them.

Stay tuned for deals I find online and in the stores near me in the DFW area.