About Me

My name is Emily, and I am what you most would call an "extreme couponer." I love to go to a retail store, fill my basket with goodies, and walk away with a steal!  I started couponing at the beginning of 2012, so I'm fairly new at it! I'm still learning, but I've got the hang of the stores I shop at. I have recently graduated from college, and have transitioned from couponing in Georgetown, Texas, to San Antonio, Texas. This blog will focus on deals I find online and in the stores near me in the Austin and San Antonio areas. I wanted to create this blog because when I started couponing I could only find national blogs to follow, there aren't many that are centralized in Texas. My hope for this blog is that I can give all the Central Texas Couponers a place to look to find the best deals near them. Couponing is very time consuming, but if you are dedicated to learn the ropes, you can succeed and be saving tons of money in no time!

I will use this blog to post the deals that I get when I do my shopping - which is normally on Sunday.  Keep an eye out for those posts and possibly some for during the week as well!